Our Classes

Personal Training

Personal Training sessions give you privacy and flexibility, together with the undivided attention from a qualified and insured instructor. 

Your unique exercise program will be created to include all of your exercise requirements, health considerations and desired results.  

Appointments to fit in with your lifestyle and schedule. Professional instruction available from a private, fully-equipped studio in all areas of fitness. See progress and get results fast.

Enquiries/Book an appointment by email or telephone 07976 410903.

Pilates Classes

Want to learn the basics of Pilates?

Adopt a healthier, stronger body?

All weekly classes follow and practice the Joseph Pilates Principles. In a class you will learn how to breathe effectively, strengthen your core area and visibly improve your posture. Pilates is widely recognised for having positive benefits for a large range of medical conditions, especially for symptoms related with painful, stiff backs, necks and joints.

Classes start from £6 and available in a course of 7 weeks. 

See our weekly class timetable

Enquiries for classes by email or telephone 07976 410903.

Stretch & Relax Masterclass

Come along and learn about the importance of Stretching your body, how to do it effectively, and with benefit. Then have the opportunity to cosy-up and Relax your entire body in candlelight

You do not have to have any previous experience, be of a certain age or fitness level as anyone can participate in this class.

This class can be of huge benefit by melting away tension and relaxing the body and mind.

Remember to wear layers that can be peeled off and then put back on and bring a blanket, sleeping bag, pillow, or anything that’s going to make you feel comfortable and snuggly!

See our timetable for the next Stretch and Relax Masterclass.

1 hour Masterclass £10.

Enquiries for Masterclass by email or telephone 07976 410903.

Slim-a-Holics Personal Consultations

What could you achieve in 10 weeks, if you set you mind to it?

  • How about feeling better about yourself?
  • Losing 1 & 1/2 stones?
  • Looking & feeling better in your clothes?
  • Feeling like you have more energy and not so sluggish?
  • Improving your self image, confidence & mindset?

Sign up for your 10 week course and you will receive:-

  • Weekly meetings & weigh-ins 
  • Goals & Measurements
  • Nutrition guide to healthier eating (promoting weight loss)
  • Individual movement programs, designed to encourage a healthier body 
  • Private Facebook group for Slim-a-Holic clients only
  • Permanent change of mindset and relationship with food & drink

£50 for the full 10 weeks.

Sessions held in Fitta-Holics Studio, Kidderminster and / or via Zoom.

Enquiries/Bookings for this Group by email or telephone 07976 410903


Healthy Back Workshop

Ever wondered why you keep getting back pain or stiffness?

Fed up of masking the pain with medication, and never addressing the root cause properly?

Then come along to one of our Healthy Back Workshops, where you will learn and understand the anatomy and primary functions of the back, and the reasons why so many suffer with weakness and pain throughout. You will explore some of the remedies that encourage and develop a healthier back; one which is free from pain and discomfort by learning techniques to maintain a better posture and increased flexibility.

See our timetable for the next Workshop.

2 hour workshop £20.

Enquiries/Bookings for Workshop by email or telephone 07976 410903.

Meditation Medley 

Would you like to learn how to meditate? 

Would you like to meditate regularly with other like-minded souls?

Do you want to just have some quiet time for YOU?

Then I would love to WELCOME you to my Meditation Medley.

You can learn, or continue your practiced meditation, seated comfortably on a chair or floor.

If you have any questions please get in touch so I can help you.

See our timetable for the next Meditation Medley. £3 per person.

Or get intouch for more details about our monthly Medley via Zoom.

Enquiries/ Bookings for the Meditation Medley by email or telephone 07976 410903.