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Age is just a number!!

July 15th, 2018

The old adage of age is just a number is sooooo true!

Some people fear that aging holds a negative stigma but in reality Life is too short to get bogged down by negative stereotypes, life is for living so start living in a positive way.

You are never too old to get fit , we should aim to be our healthy best at every age. Being fit and having a positive attitude can make you feel youthful and give you vitality for life. 

Start by eating healthy and taking regular exercise - that doesn't mean just eating salad and taking up jogging, making sure you are eating a balanced diet is a good start.

Regular physical exercise, however gentle, builds your body’s endurance and strength to fight of illness and disease. As we are all aware a toned body looks younger and in reality however old we are it acts younger. Keeping your body in good physical condition allows you to stay active and do all the things YOU want, now that you have more time to do them.

Life fitness includes physical, mental, and emotional fitness. The combination of these 3 influences, and how you respond, can effect your overall wellbeing and enjoyment of life.

So if you are noticing a few more wrinkles and grey hair when you look in the mirror do not despair, you can be Fit at 50, Supple at 60, Strong at 70, and Enjoy an active life over 80!!!

Check out this amazing lady featured on the news recently: