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Fitta-Holics will guide & support your journey, in developing a healthy & stronger YOU

Personal Training sessions give you privacy and flexibility, together with the undivided attention from a qualified and insured instructor. 

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Slim-a-Holics Personal Consultations

What could you achieve in 10 weeks, if you set your mind to it? Weekly meetings and weigh ins, goal setting, nutritional guidance and more. Sign up for your 10 week course. Enquiries/Bookings by email or call 07976 410903

Do you want to learn the Principles of Pilates? 

Adopt a healthier, stronger body? 

Pilates is widely recognised for having positive benefits especially for painful/stiff backs and joints. 

See our timetable for all classes.

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Ever wondered why you keep getting back pain/stiffness?

Fed up of masking the pain with medication, and never addressing the root cause properly? 

Come along to one of our workshops and learn about the anatomy your back and how to fix it.

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Come along and learn about the importance of stretching your body, how to do it effectively, and with benefit. 

Peel back the layers and relax your entire body.  

See our timetable for the next Stretch & Relax Masterclass. 

Enquiries/Bookings by email or call 07976 410903

Would you like to learn how to meditate? 

Take time to quieten your mind?

Join us to meditate with like-minded souls.

See our timetable for the next Circle.

Enquiries for Circle by email or call 07976 410903

What our customers are saying

I have been attending the Pilates class for 18 months, and the difference to my body and mind is incredible. I am much more flexible and stronger. My clothes fit me better and my posture has improved. Sharon has a wealth of experience and knowledge, leaving me feeling completely confident and secure in her capable hands...  Thank you!

L. Robertson - Worcestershire 

Sharon is an amazing lady. I joined the Pilates class 5 weeks ago and my posture, my core strength and overall strength is improving. So far I have had no cramp for a month. I completed my first Stretch & Relax Masterclass class today and Oh My! how much better do I feel,,,, the pain in my inner left thigh has gone. Thank you Sharon

J. Cowan - Birmingham 

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